Friday, September 7, 2012

SPJP Commemoration for Rachel Corrie

Students held a candlelight vigil near the Rotunda to commemorate Rachel Corrie.

Guest Speaker: Pam Bailey

"Pam Bailey is a freelance journalist and social entrepreneur who has been regularly traveling to Palestine since 2007 -- once for as long as six months, when she lived and worked in Gaza in 2010. Her first trip to Gaza was in March of 2009, when she traveled with Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachel's parents, and was there for the sixth anniversary of their daughter's murder. Pam last returned from Gaza in February this year, and will return later this month to participate in a model UN program for youth, sponsored by the UNDP."

Read more about Rachel Corrie's verdict... Haaretz: U.S. to Rachel Corrie's family: Israeli probe into death wasn't 'credible'

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